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High Pressure Pumps

The best industrial high pressure pumps in the cleaning industry. ILEX Pressure Systems LLP is a one stop destination for Hawk make industrial high pressure pumps in India.

These high Pressure pumps & systems are suitable For different applications like Heat exchanger/condenser tube cleaning , ship hull cleaning etc. and many more in various industries. These pump systems are available with trolley , filters , valves , High Pressure guns , motor or engine , valves for moving water from one end to another at elevated pressure within water supply applications. These Hawk Make Pumps are available up to 50 LPM Flow rate and 500 bar Pressure.

Hydro test Pumps

“ Hydro test pump “ is suitable for hydro testing applications in various industrirs.

Applications :

Boiler testing , Pressure vessels , Pumps and Valve Body testing , Fire hose testing , tube testing , Cross country pipe line hydro testing , tanks , Rubber Hoses , Components and many more. ILEX Pressure Systems LLP offers wide range of High Pressure hydro test pumps & systems ranging from 1 LPM to 50 LPM and Pressure up to 500 bar with electric driven OR engine driven as per client requirement.

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