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Hydro Static Test Pumps

ILEX Pressure Systems LLP offers a wide range of motorized hydrostatic pumps and equipments. With field proven dependability in applications around the globe , ILEX Pressure Systems LLP provides the best value for High Pressure Hydrostatic test pumps and systems. Best known for its low maintenance , easy operation and low power consumption , our High Pressure hydrostatic pumps & systems are ideal choice for hydro testing application . We can also customize as per needs of the clients.


  • Max. Pressure : UP to 700 Bar
  • Max. Flow rate : 130 LPM
  • Max. Power : 30 HP

We also offer Hand operated hydro test pumps ranging to from 500 PSI/ 35 bar to 7000 PSI / 500 bar pressure as per requirement.


Boiler testing
Pressure vessels
Pumps and Valve Body testing
Fire hose testing
tube testing
Cross country pipe line hydro testing
tanks , Rubber Hoses
Components and many more.


  • Portable & Direct drive
  • Adjustable Pressure regulator with bypass
  • Stainless steel high pressure ball valve to isolate pressure
  • Compact design


  • Pressure regulating valve
  • High Pressure ball valve
  • External Non Return Valve
  • Stainless steel High Pressure Gauge
  • High Pressure rubber hose pipe
  • Electric control panel ( Standard / Flameproof )

We are source for your all hydrostatic test pumps. We will get back to you within a one business day.

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